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Lovisa is one of the founders of the artistic production company  LJ Produktion together with her husband Johan Lindelöf. Lovisa is the Artistic Director in the company and together with Johan they have created  a number of shows and plays. Everything from easygoing and interactive music quizzes to plays about topics as mental illness.


LJ PRODUKTION is an artistic production company with a strong impulsion to create and deliver quality and memorable entertainment. Our goal is to reach our customers and audiences with great precision and professionalism.

We can offer our customers and audiences everything from creating something completely new and uniquely tailored to your particular event, to offering already produced shows for children and adults.

We are a reliable and secure partner and you will avoid unnecessary intermediaries because we both produce and deliver. We are a dynamic duo and together we complement each other in the creative process and can proudly present an amazing product.

Some of our customers are Nordiska Kompaniet, Folke Bernadotteakademin & Bonti.



Piraten patricia & pojken Vilgot

Childrens Play written by Lovisa and Johan Londelof. Based on the book with the same name written by Lovisa. 
Director, Johan Lindelöf.

When Patricia tries to steal Vilgot's beloved wishing coins, a meeting arises that directly draws them into a dazzling and fast-paced treasure hunt. Along the way, they are faced with major challenges that strengthen their friendship and understanding of each other's differences. The one that seems tough on the outside can be soft and delicate on the inside. Patricia finally realizes that no riches in the world can measure up to the happiness of sharing joy with others.

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De röda skorna

Play by Lovisa, directed by Johan Lindelöf.

Planned premiere in the spring of 2022.

"The Red Shoes" is a theatrical performance with an emphasis on mental illness, especially the pressure that young women are faced with from their surroundings. When our contemporary character Aurora, who dreams of becoming a great artist, finds the book "The Girl with the Red Shoes" by H.C Andersen behind a cabinet, a process is set in motion in her life that questions everything she previously thought was true. At the same time, in a parallel reality, we get to follow Judy Garland. She is already successful in the eyes of the outside world but is repeatedly controlled by external forces and  forced to go against who she is to keep her place at the top. Their parallel lives, which are largely about living for everyone else, are intertwined at a crucial time, and Aurora is faced with a choice that could change her life forever. Can the story have a different ending?

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